The Herbal Path is a natural pharmacy specializing in natural remedies and alternatives to prescription drugs.  We are conveniently located in two easy-to-find locations on the New Hampshire Seacoast. Our mission is to provide a reputable source of information on integrative and alternative health practices while offering high quality, therapeutic natural products. Our uniquely trained professional staff is well versed in natural medicines and knowledgeable about herbs, vitamins, minerals, and drug therapy. We work with our clients to educate and guide them towards a healthy lifestyle and to gain a better sense of well-being and overall improved health.


The Herbal Path provides a wide variety of top quality nutraceuticals, natural alternative medicines, herbal remedies as well as products for health conscious choices from premium manufacturers. 

We offer comprehensive services by:

Educated and Professional Staff

Variety of Quality Products

Natural Health Consultations Practitioners and Referrals

Demos and Sampling

Excellent Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction through:

Increased knowledge about specific health concerns

Guidance and recommendations to fit their needs

Support and understanding

Available product, prompt ordering, comparable product selection

Follow up via phone and/or consultation

For many individuals who are not able to come into the store and browse our selection of products, we are happy to ship products to your door or office. Our standards run next day shipping via UPS with a nominal shipping and handling fee. 

Some of the common types of situations we deal with are:

1) My doctor prescribed this medication and I want to know what can I do instead naturally?

2) I am on this drug and I can not tolerate the side effects and want to know if there is an alternative available?

3) I am on this drug and I want to take something for my memory (or another issue) and want to know if there is any interaction?

4) I have this condition and want to know what I can take for it?

5) What supplements do you recommend for foundations of great health?
6) What kind of professionals and practitioners do you have available at your location?


Although we are staffed with pharmacists and herbalists, unfortunately we are not able to diagnose.  We will do our best to assess your situation to see what we can do to help you.  If your concern is beyond the scope of our practice, we have a great network of qualified health professionals that would be an appropriate resource for you.

We do offer consultations for more in depth situations. Click the link below for more information:

“Love the staff at The Herbal Path, they're always very helpful and they listen very well, just very pleasant all around, I truly appreciate this store and the fact that the people actually care about the health of others!”

“The staff at The Herbal Path in Portsmouth are knowledgeable, friendly and care about your health and well being.”

“The BEST in health and natural remedies. Their herbalistic prowess far exceeds other practitioners that I have meet. And they are the kindest, most genuine people that I've talked with in the Northeast!”

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