Herbs and Their Use


Using Earth’s natural remedies enables us to reconnect with our natural environment. Our ancestors long ago relied on the Earth for it’s healing source of energy. When used according to the manufacturer’s  or primary care doctor’s recommendation, herbs can be a safe alternative to prescription drugs. Always check with your healthcare professional before using any herbal medicine in combination with prescription medications. More and more physicians are recognizing the value of alternative therapies, so it’s always a good idea to let him or her know what herbal remedies you're taking, even if they don’t believe in the treatment.


Here are a few key points to keep in mind when using herbs:


  • Do not expect immediate results. Some remedies take time to accumulate in the body before seeing any type of  activity.

  • Results will vary with each person.

  • Make sure you are purchasing herbs from a reliable source since quality can vary greatly.


Standardized vs. Whole Herb


There are two different types of herbal supplements: standardized and whole herb. The whole herb contains all the constituents that work synergistically together. There are usually fewer side-effects since the herb is less concentrated. Standardized is when a particular constituent is isolated from an herb to a specific dosage until the desired therapeutic effects are reached.


Tea? Capsule? Liquid Extract?


The form you take depends on your personal preferences and circumstances.



  • Convenient

  • Ideal if taking an herb with an unpleasant taste

  • Provides higher dosages than tea

Liquid Extracts:

  • Easily absorbed, which is especially beneficial if you have digestion and absorption issues

  • Faster-acting (most extracts are highly concentrated)

  • Easy to use, simply add to juice or water


  • Faster-acting

  • Higher vitamin and mineral contect

  • The hot liquid is soothing, comforting, and calming.

  • Promotes self-care ritual - brewing the tea, sitting with it in silence, meditating.



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