Every year, graduating student interns from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy choose to spend one of their 6-week rotations at The Herbal Path. We welcome these students and their knowledge of everyday pharmacology. It is with great pleasure that we learn from them just as they can learn with us. Both Greg McCrone, Registered Pharmacist and Certified Herbalist, and Ron Stock, Registered Pharmacist and owner of The Herbal Path, are firm believers in the medicinal properties of plants, mushrooms, and dietary supplements. They also believe that education is imperative to those who choose to pursue a career in the medical industry. With over 63 years of combined pharmaceutical knowledge and experience, both Ron and Greg have been preceptors withMassachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston, MA., acting as teachers to future pharmacists.  The Herbal Path offers a unique elective training program for Doctor of Pharmacy Candidates to enhance their college program.

The Herbal Path hosts several rounds of pharmacy interns throughout the year who chose to work in a complimentary and alternative medicine environment as an elective for experiential education. Most of the students that come to us have little to no knowledge of natural approaches to health care. These rotations are very hands-on for the students and allow them the opportunity to explore natural medicine on various levels and in a multitude of situations. Our curriculum is also one that provides the students the opportunity to interact with customers, shadow staff and pharmacists to gain product knowledge, formulate herbal teas, prepare herbal healing salves, participate in vendor education, go on facility tours as well as go out on local field trips. With all the fun there does come some extra work! During the six week rotation, interns are expected to share what they’ve learned by preparing two presentations that we keep on file, often referring to them in an effort to assist customer concerns regarding specific plant and drug interactions.

At The Herbal Path we believe that modern medicine has a place. However, we believe that medicine from nature does as well.

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


Student Internships at The Herbal Path


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