We only carry the highest quality products for the smart shopper. We specialize in natural remedies and alternatives to prescriptions drugs. By providing a wide variety of top quality nutraceuticals, natural alternative medicines, and herbal supplements we ensure everyone can find what they are looking for. We work with our manufacturers to ensure you the best price and stand by the products we offer you.


If we do not have a product in stock you are looking for, we are happy to inquire with our distributors about product availability and try to get it on the shelves for you.

For many individuals who are not able to come into the store and browse our selection of products, we are happy to ship products to your door or office. Our standards run next day shipping via UPS with a nominal shipping and handling fee. Call either or our stores with any questions you may have.

Here are some things you can find every day at The Herbal Path:

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Whole food vitamins & minerals

Immune boosters and support

Cleansing & Detox supplements

Essential Fatty Acids



Green supplements and drinks


Protein shakes

Health and Beauty aids

Informative Books

Skin Care products



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*Does not apply to items on sale.





When you come into the store, make sure we give you an Herbal Path Key tag which will enroll you into our ‘Health Nut’ discount directory. Our computer system will keep track of how much money you spend with us on a monthly basis. If we see you are spending an average of $50/month*, we will reward you with a ‘Health Nut’ discount, which can be as high as 10% off your purchases! The more you spend, the higher of a discount you get. But remember, this is a loyalty program which means in order continue accruing your ‘Health Nut’ discounts, you’ve got to be shopping.  


*This average calculated on a 12 month average basis